Is this my House?

Another night of heavy drinking.

I returned home to all the lights in the apartment off. It was really warm. I couldn’t see my hands in front of me so I felt around the wall for the light switch. I stumbled over something, or someone I should say as they made a sound. I apologized and carefully tried to continue my journey through the darkness. Another step and another ouch. “I’m sorry” I again said to whoever that was. I stopped, curious. Who was in my house? I live alone. Was I frightened? No, I was intoxicated so my bravery was higher than usual and my state-of-mind was not in ‘think’ mode.

The light switch, I found it. I flipped on the lights and headed to the window directly in front of me to let some cool air in. When I turned around there were several people passed out o my floor, wrapped in blankets and empty bottles of booze littering the floor. I didn’t know these people but they seemed relatively harmless and I was too exhausted to ask questions or be bothered with explanations. Nothing was broken, nothing seemed terrible enough to freak out over so I walked down the hall and passed out on the bed.

It was a little past 9am when I was woken up by the chatter in the living room. My head was pounding, My mind wasn’t ready to adjust yet. I got out of bed and walked down the hallway. Everyone went silent and looked at me. I didn’t get any form of explanation but the guy in the kitchen had the nerve to ask me who I was. It was only then after I took a good look around, that I realized this was not my house. I was the one who made the mistake. I was pretty embarrassed but didn’t want to admit it but I did hope that none of these people would call the cops or freak out which they didn’t. I calmly told them that I made an honest mistake that I was really drunk and had no idea I walked into the wrong apartment and I meant no harm by doing so. “So you are the guy who stepped on us last night.” “Yeah, sorry about that. It was really dark and…” “Hey thanks for opening the window.” One of the girls said. “Oh .. You’re” “How do you feel? Need some tylenol?” I was handed a glass of water by the guy in the kitchen and I took it, a little off-put.

“I slept fine actually, head hurts yeah thanks.” I took some tylenol and when I was done with the water I put the cup in the sink and apologized again. “No worries man, it’s not a big deal shit happens at least you found a safe place to sleep.” I was relieved and thankful to have happened to walked into maybe the one place on Earth that had people like them inside that didn’t make a big fuss over a sincere mistake.  I thanked them again and left the apartment. Stepping foot outside of the apartment I noticed not only was I not at the right apartment, but this wasn’t even my building. Going outside only lead me to see that it was not only NOT my building but I had no idea where I was, this wasn’t even my complex and for all I know, it wasn’t even my city.

I managed to get home by hailing a cab. This is why perhaps a Royal Guard should stay at the Palace and not go squandering in the night.


If I could, I would.

If there were ever a time I could do anything for anyone and for no specific reason at all, I would. People need things and they need people. Some people need help but have too much pride to ask so it is up to us to ignore their pride and offer and when you know in your heart they need the help even if they refuse, find a way to help anyway. If we have the means and do nothing it’s a terrible shame. We all die with nothing in the end so why not give what you can or do what you can while you are able? What is stopping you? Greed is the ugliest creature of all.