Cannot stop,creeping inside my bones. It never stops, even when sorrow grows.


Trickery of the Maiden

I attended the ceremony of a couple about to be wed. It was a hot day and I did not know but 5 people, excluding the bride and groom. I wasn’t anti-social though. I got to know the people I sat with and I danced with several strangers. I was very social with everyone I came into contact with including the servers and bartenders at the reception. Let’s cut this short shall we?

Nearing the end of the night I am dancing with a bunch of other people on the floor but dancing alone at that, being silly. This woman comes out of nowhere and dances with me. I go with the flow, not thinking much of it until I spin this girl around and when she turns into me, she leans in and kisses me. It seemed like impulse so I don’t kiss her back nor do I make a big deal about it we continue to dance. I look up for a moment to see a large group of people sitting down at their tables watching us, smiling. I lean in so she could hear me tell her there were a bunch of people staring at us. She looked at them and replied that it was not a big deal, it was just her family enjoying the show.  I stopped dancing. Her family? I could have sworn that was the groom’s family…and it was. She then tells me she is the groom’s sister. At this point I felt a very unnerving feeling come over me and I politely thanked her for the dance and excused myself back to my table.

She is the groom’s sister. This was a big deal to me as I am close to the groom but had no idea that was his sister. The groom is a very nice, easy going guy but it still bothered me that his little sister came onto me. She walked over and asked if something was wrong. I smiled and told her it was a little awkward dancing with my friend’s sister that’s all.  I went out for a smoke, she soon followed. I decided to talk to her for a bit. She was a very cool maiden if I can say. She had a sense of humor, and she was quite lovely as I recall. I took her hand into mine and walked her back inside. We hardly left each others side after that. When it was all over she wanted to go out with some of the girls she knew from the wedding. There was a bar a bunch of people were going to go to afterwards so I gave her a ride. We ended up down this very dark road that lead to the middle of the woods where we came to an INN. She told me she was staying there. I asked her why we were there and not the bar and she looked at me quite mischievously and said she tricked me on purpose.

What a game! I had traveled a long way to get here and it was very late not to mention I was weary of driving. She asked me to stay with her. To my credit I tried to walk away from this situation early on. Even in that moment my mind was racing through an index of excuses to get myself out of that situation but my mind was thinking one thing, my eyes were thinking another. She was beautiful and she was asking me to stay with her with such a look on her face and then my body was soon thinking the same thing my eyes were and so up I went. We walked up to her room and not a second before she could even open the door, garments were being ripped off and we were kissing each other. The most thrilling part of all of this was the before and after. Not to say the sex wasn’t good but I think we both matched each others desires perfectly as far as foreplay goes and I didn’t want to stop. We must have played with each other for hours and come morning, we were at it again.

I pulled her off the bed and carried her to the bathroom where I put her on top of the bathroom counter, shoving her back into the wall and sliding my fingers inside of her. She was dripping wet. She became like putty to my hands and when she touched me I became putty to hers. There was a knock at the door that cut play time short. I put a towel on and opened it, it was her brother. My friend, the groom. He peered in, saw his sister and waved to her, smiled at me and asked me what was up and asked if I could give her a ride back to the reception to get her car since he was leaving early. I said yes, he shook my hand and that was it. I was relieved but not surprised given his nature and that really ended our play time.

I went to the bathroom and kissed this fair girl. Her hair was Auburn, long and wavy like the sea. Her eyes were a brilliant blue. I will never forget them. I went to put my shirt on and felt a sting on my back. I turned around to check it out in the mirror and if I didn’t know better, I’d think I had gotten into a fight with a lion. My back was red, scratched up, a little bloody, with bruises, welts and scars like you wouldn’t believe. She did damage but I liked it however it would be hard to hide….from my girlfriend. The face I made may have given away what I was thinking. She kissed me and told me to make sure I stay away from whoever I have to hide those scars from for a while. That was going to be difficult. She then told me I let her off easy but she was thankful because she doesn’t have to hide anything from her boyfriend. Yes, her boyfriend. I didn’t believe her at first, “You have a boyfriend? No you don’t.” “I do, and I am sorry…” “That’s okay, I have a girlfriend.” We both shared the same guilty smile and kissed for the last time before we both had to part ways.

She played a game with me this fair maiden did and I fell trap to it like the perfect fool. It however takes 2 to tango so they say right? I am equally guilty and have been plagued by this one moment since then but I will never forget her, and I never WANT to.





So much for a short story.