Silly Rabbit

Listen here BOY,

There are many other things to do with yourself than think you are a rock star and treat your friends as if they are second class citizens at your disposal. There are many other ways to carry yourself other than the asshole you seem to portray when you talk down to women as if they are all low-life whores yet you are the one who can’t keep his dick in his pants.  There are other peoples lives and feelings involved with your own that you trample on with no regard to the damage you cause in the long run. There are better things you can do with yourself than ruin people’s lives.

Listen here GIRL,

If all you do is complain about the poor quality of men that choose to talk to you and treat you like shit, maybe should evaluate the way you come off yourself. Maybe if you put on some clothes every once and a while and acted like a classy woman who has even an ounce of self respect, you’d find a gentleman willing to treat you like a lady. Maybe if you didn’t seek the negative attention, you wouldn’t get the negative attention. Maybe if your tongue wasn’t constantly down the throat of a new guy every 10 minutes, people wouldn’t perceive you to be trash. If you want better you have to DO better. Practice what you preach.


Oh My Darling.


The sound of her voice still echoes through my mind. The rhythmic pulsing of her once beating heart throbs throughout my entire being.

My heartfelt love turned to overwhelming hate, a hate that burned within my soul with such a fury that I have never witnessed. But where is that powerful hate now? I feel no hate whatsoever, only sorrow, regret, and angst. And now here I am, clawing at the dirt, slaving away at making a grave deep enough to hide my sin.

Why did you leave me? Why was I not able to keep you here with me? Why couldn’t I have been your Angel in that moment?

Thou art lost and gone forever.

Dreadful sorry, Clementine.