Listen to Me

If I told you I wasn’t perfect would it change your mind about humanity? Would you suddenly start to think rationally? Would things somehow all start to make sense? Would any one honest answer be good enough?

If you run away I will always chase you so please stop running away from me. If you fall I will always be there to catch you so please stop jumping. Can’t you see that your present fear of our past is what is keeping us still? I’ve already walked through a fire for you but if you wish to see my flesh burn all you have to do is drop the match.

Your platters are silver, your paths are all gold and unscathed. What else can I do for you? What else can anyone do for you?


It’s You.

You are falling from high grace like us all. You were a blue star to stare at; and we were breathing together, in cold sides of my mind that I am now starting to rewind. You’re fading by my side, but I am so wired that I can’t stop to cry even though I am losing my only hope in this dark dead world of rust. We are breathing together in this dark, but it’s you enjoying this decayed dance over the dance floor of my heart.