And so it is that we wake to divine light, a light that pierces our eyes and fills our lungs with life. We take our first breath not knowing what has been done, not knowing who we are, knowing absolutely nothing. Even when we become aware of life itself, what a family is, rights from wrongs, we still know nothing. No one knows nor can they prepare themselves for what lies ahead when life has been given to them. Even still, decades after birth some of us fail to realize that what we live is a lifelong journey of self discovery and unique meaning. Everyone serves a purpose in life. Everyone means something. We are all pieces to a very large, difficult, and intricate puzzle that we have to find our place in as it can not be complete  without each and every one of us, and just the same,  our lives are not complete without each and every one of the other pieces. The pieces we need to make us whole. To make us who we are. To help us find our way. To bring us to that place that we belong in this very detailed, very complicated puzzle of life.