No Glory

I think I’m a victim of my mistakes. I think we all are prone to mistakes but not many people out there know how to accept imperfections but nothing and no one is perfect so if you keep looking for flawless attributes than you will look for the rest of your life and die alone. I’m lucky to have my love. I wonder about other people sometimes…if you are not only prone to mistakes but you are unable to learn from them and move on from them, for instance, “once a cheater always a cheater”.

I think if you’ve cheated 3 times, you have it in you to cheat again and again vs someone who’s done it once, maybe even twice over a span of time. I feel sorry for the people who fall victim to other people’s bad habits. If the offender isn’t smart enough to change then I’d hope the offended is smart enough to walk away. Maybe these people who make these kinds of bad decisions are just bad people and not just some sorry sap who doesn’t know the error of their ways. No, I don’t buy it. If this is a repeat and you didn’t get a good reaction from your action then you most certainly know the error of your ways. Wake up people. Do better for yourselves. If you bitch about being alone or talk about how you are trying to change then fucking do something about it. Fix whatever it is that you are doing so that good things will happen for you and good people surround themselves with you. Bad deeds are like shit and corpses. You are only going to attract parasites and decay so if that’s not the route you want to go and the shit you want to attract then man up and change.