There is an opportunity in my dad’s childhood town in Minnesota for me. A lot of my family still live there and I go there for a lot of holidays so I have been thinking about taking the offer. Laramie is not fond of the harsh winters there but would support me wither way. I feel I have been planted here in NJ and so my roots have grown quite deep here. My friends and some other family are still here, my favorite clubs, bars, restaurants, events but I am at the stage in my life where perhaps change would be good. I have done the same thing for a very long time and when I think about it, it makes me feel like a robot. The same mornings, the same evenings, the same faces, the same places. The same thing every.single.day. I never thought I’d grow tired of it and maybe I haven’t but when really thinking ahead this is my life here. Can I continue to do this forever? Maybe change to a new home here but things would be the same around me. Then the thought of moving and having to start over at this stage is a little daunting. I have friends there sure and of course I know my way around, where to go, what to do so it wouldn’t be SO new that I feel lost but can I adjust? There is really no great weather to take the bike out and I’d hate to sell it.

Decisions, decisions.

I take my next trip out there during Thanksgiving. Perhaps it will help me decide.


The Steel Horse

My steel horse, tride and true. She never fails me. She’s swift like a striking snake. Today was a beautiful day and so we rode. A cool breeze sucking me into it’s vortex ¬†encompasses me as we take to a limitless road at great speed. I feel alive as I draw breath from Autumn’s dusk. There is a certain satisfaction, a feeling I only get when on the road with her, my steel horse.

What I’d Give

What I’d give for a taste of the sweet morning dew that is your kiss. The warmth of the sun that is your smile. The magic that is your touch. What I’d give to feel the riches of silk that is your embrace. To hear the symphony that is your voice. To see the lands of Paradise that is your beauty. I would give my soul to a devil, my heart to death himself. I would give everything I am.

Oh Really?

Someone broke into Laramie’s place a couple months back and before then sometime in December as well. I’ve asked her time and time again to live with me but she insists on waiting until we are married. I’m fine with that. Applied for a concealed weapons permit. Finally got it approved. I thought it was all a waste of time really and never thought they’d allow it. I went through extensive questioning and finger printing and had to pay a lot of money to have one but it’s for the best and I wouldn’t have went through the trouble if I didn’t think it was well worth it. I have a history of documented training with hand guns recorded so that really helped my case. Already own a gun so I don’t have to worry about that but now I can take it to Laramie’s if I choose to.

I am the Valerian Guard after-all, protecting the palace is what I do.