Of the Mind and Heart

Our minds are full of things our hearts do not understand and that is why the world is filled with so much chaos.


It shouldn’t be News.

Common sense isn’t common anymore so they should consider changing it in the dictionary to something more appropriate like “rare sense”. That aside, let’s discuss other types of things that used to be common but are now uncommon.

It’s funny (sad) when news channels or news papers go out of their way to report something very small that’s positive because of all the negative stuff that’s predominant out there (kidnappings, murder, wars, terrorism, etc) for instance “Fireman saves cat from house fire” What a hero! Yes, he is a hero but that’s a fireman’s every day life and he probably thinks nothing of it but to distract us from what’s really going on they spoon feed us stuff like that not only as a distraction though, but because the world has gotten so fucked up where it’s about you and only you, money is life, and so forth that ANY small deed that’s good is fucking NEWS! Can you believe that? Are we ever going to wake the fuck up? This shit back in the day wasn’t news. The baker on the corner giving free bread to the hungry kids at closing wasn’t news, that was my dad doing the RIGHT FUCKING THING.  The woman opening her home to the family that lost their home to foreclosure wasn’t news, it was a person who had compassion for other human beings. Back in the day, the man who gave a few extra dollars to the kid selling news papers on the corner to help him feed his family wasn’t news, it was a man doing something that came naturally to him. All of these instances weren’t headlines in the news, they were COMMON. It was a display of what other people meant to other people, what good was, what it meant to care for others at no benefit to you. Now they are headlines because it’s such a rarity that it needs to be reported.

In this day and age yes it’s great to read something other than the death toll in Iraq. It’s good to read about things that lift your spirits, but it’s also an open display of what’s wrong with this world today. If something astronomical happened, it was in the news way back when and all the fun bits like “Mr. Goldman caught the biggest bass in the Powhatan River”, or “Belle the pig won best in show at the local farm festival” were reported only locally via small print or posters or by word of mouth but NOW it’s all the same old horrendous shit mixed with a side of, “The woman who fed the homeless some of her home made pie.” That’s great, but it shouldn’t be news, it should still be as it was, it should still be so fucking common that it’s not worth reporting.  There should be no gain for you in order for you to care about others and do the right thing. There should be no money involved in order for you to get off your ass and DO something good. This world makes me sick. It’s dark, it’s disgusting, and it’s going to hell in a hand basket.

You can argue that there is good in this world and I will agree but when you take a very close look at the world as a whole, how common is it? At the end of the day most people are moved by greed or anything that will be of their own benefit at their own convenience. Would you even look up from your iphone long enough to notice someone falling onto the train tracks? No one gives a shit anymore. No one pays attention. The good things out there are not enough to disguise what’s really going on here, what this world is coming to and what it already is. The good is mostly gone so when we find it we have to display it in newspapers and on tv as if it’s this brand new thing we are all discovering for the first time. It’s pathetic.